Kitty Pryde + bright colours
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AOS + foreshadowing

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this is the most awkward thing ive ever seen. haru looks so uncomfortable and he’s just swinging his arms around like a mom at a bat mitzvah. nagisa is fucking humping the air for some reason and rei is obviously imitating him since he figures nagisa knows the Cool Kid Dances and you can tell he’s like “yes i am performing this perfectly, i have successfully memorized the formulas” jesus christ

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Accompanying piece to demon!Dean making an entrance.

Still playing around with SFX animation, this time with light and glowy effects! Normally, I dig the black wings, but white kinda works better for this one.


Matilda (1996), dir. Danny DeVito

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As if three years haven’t passed.

your face is illegal → sebastian stan


*sighs dreamily*

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